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Bring the festival fun online

Bring the festival fun online

Turkcell is the biggest GSM operator in Turkey and they have launched an online festival. The events include football games and  concerts given by popular Turkish singers. The more you participate on the website, the more points you gain. The points can eventually be traded for  gifts.

Why it matters

This site basically brings the festival to your computer. It’s also a platform where people can get to know each other. Is this a new way to increase engagement across various platforms  and transpose offline festival behaviour to the online world?

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Pikup is a new software tool for iPhone, iPad and Mac. Once installed, it registers what music, eBooks, videos or podcast you consume. At the end of the month it analyses your media behaviour and that of all other people using the same software tool. The tool then proposes you pay a small monthly subscription to support the arts and your contribution is split proportionally between the artists you’ve listened to.

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