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Bring the festival fun online

Bring the festival fun online

Turkcell is the biggest GSM operator in Turkey and they have launched an online festival. The events include football games and  concerts given by popular Turkish singers. The more you participate on the website, the more points you gain. The points can eventually be traded for  gifts.

Why it matters

This site basically brings the festival to your computer. It’s also a platform where people can get to know each other. Is this a new way to increase engagement across various platforms  and transpose offline festival behaviour to the online world?

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This disruptive tactic pulls the conversation back to the producer (artist) by allowing consumers (listeners) to participate through user generated content. Eskup is an interactive area on El Pais’ newspaper site that allows journalists, readers and experts to debate, share and learn about topics of interest. You can ask the experts questions or write your own replies. It is linked to your social media networks and constantly updates them with new advice and opinion.

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