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Brewing precision

Brewing precision

German designer Jania Maidl has devised some very innovative tea packaging. The label of the teabag has an absorbent strip that shows the growing intensity of the tea as it brews.

Why it matters

People increasingly expect added benefits and enhanced experiences with the brands they choose to buy. If everyday products like tea are already finding simple ways to fulfill this, will we soon see high-end food products taking this to another level?

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Eggy is a new product that essentially puts eggs in a can. Produced in Italy, the canister contains six beaten eggs ready to be sprayed in a pan. The product is said to save time and guarantee that you will never come back home with broken eggs in your shopping bag. Unlike boxed eggs, Eggy does not have an expiration date and can be kept unrefrigerated for up to six months.

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Mimosa to go?

In an effort to bring upscale to fast food, Burger King is offering brunch in selected markets. The brunch will offer the regular breakfast menu items, but will add a few specialty items including the mimosa. A traditional mimosa consists of orange juice and champagne, the Burger King mimosa will consist of orange juice and sprite.

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