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Brewing precision

Brewing precision

German designer Jania Maidl has devised some very innovative tea packaging. The label of the teabag has an absorbent strip that shows the growing intensity of the tea as it brews.

Why it matters

People increasingly expect added benefits and enhanced experiences with the brands they choose to buy. If everyday products like tea are already finding simple ways to fulfill this, will we soon see high-end food products taking this to another level?

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The Portuguese beer brand Super Bock launched a new Facebook advertising campaign aiming to convince Mark Zuckerberg to change the “like” button to “Good”, “Great” or “Super” buttons. In  a clever but perhaps risky strategy, the brand made a video ad with typography and animations typical of online social services and app ads. It only reveals itself as a sponsor of this initiative at the very end of the video with a discreet logo.

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Flavour tap

The product ‘Stem’ from the design company Quirky enables users to make an organic vaporizer out of all kinds of foods. Simply stick the plastic device into a lemon, for example, and get a ready to use lemon pump spray.

Instant Gratification
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