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Brands solve 'same dress' syndrome

Brands solve 'same dress' syndrome

The ultimate fashion taboo is attending an event to find someone else is wearing the same outfit. Brands such as Vakko and Harvey Nichols have recognised this need and have created a solution in their personal tracking system which tracks where pieces have been bought to eliminate two people buying for the same occasion. The store will open at what ever time and send a different dress to the event.

Why it matters

Firstly, this type of service makes the emotional ties with the brands stronger as it is not just the product that they come to rely on. Is this an example of how brands manage their exclusivity and statement?

Fashion & Design
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Fashion & Design
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“Le Vide-Dressing Du Bazar” is an event organized by the shop BHV in Paris in association with a magazine and a private sales website. BHV first invited people in the shop to present clothes and accessories they want to sell and encouraged them tell a story about the products. The brand then invited everybody to come and buy the clothes. Two fashion designers were present during the event to give free advice to shoppers.

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