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Brand Aid

Brand Aid

Zwitsal, Holland’s leading skin care brand for children, is raising awareness of the importance of UV protection with the introduction of a special fire brigade that fights sunburn: the ‘Zwitsal Zonnebrandweer’. Its task is to respond to sunny conditions and a high UV index, by driving to ‘hazardous areas’ and informing parents and kids about the importance of protecting their skin.

Why it matters

Brands have long affiliated themselves with worthy causes, however it now appears they are taking more of an active role. Will brands begin to adopt ‘activists’ to promote the good causes that they support as part of their service to their customers?

Social Cause
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Stop being such a Nazi

Exit Deutschland is a German NGO that helps neo-Nazis leave the right-wing scene. To gain attention, bulks of free t-shirts with nationalist symbols were distributed at neo-Nazi concerts. After the first wash, the t-shirt revealed a hidden message:  how to get out of the scene and the Facebook link to the NGO.

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Water from thin air

France’s Eole Water has created a turbine that can condense water in the air and make it safe for drinking.

Aside from the obvious environmental benefits a wind turbine offers, the company’s WMS1000 sucks in passing air that goes through a cooling compressor in the generator compartment, which then condensates passing airborne moisture. The water is then collected, filtered to World Health Organization drinking standards and delivered through a tap at the bottom of the turbine. According to Eole Water, the turbine can produce up to 1,000 liters a day.  

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