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Bottle banking

Bottle banking

Somewhere in the German winegrowing region Rheingau, deep down under the Ress’s vineyard estate, there is a bank - the wineBANK. It offers a perfectly well-tempered and secure wine storage space for rent to keep the value of your beloved red and white wines growing. A special degustation room complements the service.

Why it matters

As a reaction to the implosion of the art-market bubble and the ongoing gold-rush, smart investment alternatives like vintage wines are gaining popularity. Will we see ‘high-street banks’ hopping on the train and cooperating with specialists in these alternative areas such as winemakers to expand their offer?

Financial Services
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The online banking specialist ING Direct launched a teaser campaign of print ads showing faces in various stages of pleasure and with the sentence “Today, I did it." While people though it was promoting a dating website ING Direct was in fact pointing out the pleasure of changing banks.

Financial Services
Cash for plastic

Lebanon’s First National Bank have recently introduced the world’s first loan specifically aimed at financing cosmetic surgery. Customers can borrow anything between $1,000-$5,000  providing applicants are in employment and under 64 years of age.

Financial Services
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