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Blood money

Blood money

Vein authentication is only commonly used in high security areas – now Hitachi and Coca Cola plan to introduce this technology for the use of consumers as well. People will be able to pay for their drinks at vending machines with nothing but their fingertip, with the amount of money being withdrawn automatically from their bank account.

Why it matters

The individual human body is becoming a digitally readable medium. Perhaps payment by finger is an extreme but isn’t it just another example of the move towards a cashless/cardless society?

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Financial Services
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Insurers sell prevention

The Dutch insurance company Interpolis has opened an online prevention store. This store sells products such as fire safety sets, burglary alarms and other equipment that prevents possible disasters.

Financial Services

The biggest financial institution in Portugal – state-owned bank Caixa Geral de Depósitos – has teamed up with Microsoft to launch a web portal accessible to blind users and people with impaired mobility. CGD are the first bank to launch a universally accesible website, and as a result, are likely to attract a new group of clients previously excluded from this type of service.

Financial Services