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Blood money

Blood money

Vein authentication is only commonly used in high security areas – now Hitachi and Coca Cola plan to introduce this technology for the use of consumers as well. People will be able to pay for their drinks at vending machines with nothing but their fingertip, with the amount of money being withdrawn automatically from their bank account.

Why it matters

The individual human body is becoming a digitally readable medium. Perhaps payment by finger is an extreme but isn’t it just another example of the move towards a cashless/cardless society?

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Financial Services
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The bank that’s investing in youth

Intesa Sanpaolo bank created a bank account called Superflash that caters to young adults. They have even opened their first flagship store in Milan dedicated to this audience; the opening hours are form 1.30 to 7pm, it features a relax and play areas, WiFi and even a Formula 1 simulator.

Financial Services
Bank-branded telephony

Hablafácil (talk easy) is Santander’s latest offering and marks their expansion into the telecommunications market . The service is aimed at immigrants who currently bank with Santander and will give them significant discounts on both local and international calls.  

Financial Services