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Bid local

Bid local

The online auctioneer ricardo.at became Austria’s market leader since its launch in 2008 and maintains its position against global competitor ebay.

Why it matters

This is an example of the importance of locality when competing with global organisations. How can global brands implement insights from local markets as consumers look to what's familiar and authentic?

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iFeedback is a new app allowing hotel guests to instantly transmit any criticism or praise they may have. Smartphone Users can scan one of the many QR codes placed all over the hotel to report complaints right on the spot or use one of the ipad terminals. The feedback is then instantly forwarded to the corresponding person in charge.

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Travel & Tourism

We Hate Tourism Tours is a small Portuguese tourism company, from Lisbon, offering a completely different experience in and around Lisbon, Sintra, Cascais or Sesimbra deliberately avoiding any traditional tourist routes.  Instead, it proposes revolutionary tours, with unorthodox local guides, with local perspectives and unusual transport (like an old Portuguese military vehicle...).

Travel & Tourism