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Bid local

Bid local

The online auctioneer ricardo.at became Austria’s market leader since its launch in 2008 and maintains its position against global competitor ebay.

Why it matters

This is an example of the importance of locality when competing with global organisations. How can global brands implement insights from local markets as consumers look to what's familiar and authentic?

Travel & Tourism
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Select your Dream Destination on a world map explaining why you would love to visit and connect your choice to your Facebook page. Royal Dutch airliner KLM gives away free tickets every week to the dream destination of a participant.

Travel & Tourism
Russian Travel Roulette

Hesitating between San Francisco or Istanbul for your next holiday? Let the Getgoing.com website decide for you! Simply enter both those destinations and the site will book you on one of those two options. You will only be told where you’re going once the purchase is processed. This is not only a great website for indecisive travellers;  when you let the site decide, you can get almost 40% off your travel.


With some flights travelling with nearly 30% of empty seats, the site can offer such an enticing discount because it helps airlines fill them. There’s also a hotel booking website that uses the same system: if you book the same day, you’ll have additional discounts by sleeping in a room that would normally have been empty that night.

Travel & Tourism