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Better breathing

Better breathing

An estimated 5,000 people with asthma end up in hospital each day. A number of those hospital visits could be avoided; as many as 75% of patients are using their inhalers improperly.
Cambridge Consultants developed the T-Haler, a device designed to help asthma suffers better monitor their use of their inhaler. Fitted with Wi-Fi and sensors, the T-Haler feeds back real-time usage data. The design firm claims that, with just three minutes of training with the T-Haler, proper use of inhalers skyrockets from 20% to 60%.
The prototype also uses gamification to encourage proper use of the tool.

Why it matters

Being dependant of a inhaler can be considerably inconvenient, but adding a layer of gamification can make the experience more bearable. It could eventually improve interactivity and engagement by helping consumers learn how to use it properly in a quick, fun and easy way.
What if all “boring” products could be presented as a game rather than simply having instructions and illustrations in a booklet? Could the health market become fun and help patients become more compliant?

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