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Beer that's different in every sense

Beer that's different in every sense
Heineken has launched the first can of beer with texture. The new can stars in a marketing campaign with the slogan “Heineken Touch”. Different in every sense. From now on consumers will experience a new texture each time they drink a beer. The new packaging has a lacquered finish that highlights the surface.
Why it matters

Food and drink brands are looking at every aspect of their consumption experience to enhance and differentiate. Can consumers taste, see, smell, hear and feel the uniqueness of you brand?

Food & Drink
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The famous Parisian concept store Colette has launched the ‘Lunch Box’ : it is composed of a tofu burger, fresh vegetables, a bottle of Vitamin water and a desert. From the form of the food to the packaging, the Lunch Box copies all the codes of the fast food category. It is only sold at Colette, and deliveries made only in the trendy 1st district of Paris.

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Food & Drink
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TICE, the Austrian “high spirits” drink, contains special amino acids that support the body’s production of joy hormones. The ingredients L-tryptophan and L-tyrosine are supposed to activate your good mood. Pharmacies provide this drink in mint and lemon flavours.

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