Beauty (95)

Beauty with a best before date

Beauty with a best before date

L’Occitane Ma Crème Nature is an organic moisturiser which you buy in its unmade form. Consumers mix spring water with a sachet of organic plant oils as and when they need it. A ‘made on’ and ‘best before’ label can be stuck on the made-up moisturiser before keeping it in the fridge. 

Why it matters

Consumers are increasingly looking for products that have high natural credentials, especially when it comes to products that they put on their skin. How can other health and beauty brands push the boundaries of freshness that we see in the food and drinks market?

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Cosmetics brand Gosh has launched a very generous promotion. They are giving away their mascara for FREE. Consumers simply bring in their old mascara and exchange it for a brand new Gosh version. Why? To celebrate the launch of the Danish brand’s new cosmetics range and get consumers attention.

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Scientifically unproven

Portuguese scientist Filipe Cabreiro has discovered that sirtuin proteins, (present in red wine for instance) have no anti-ageing properties. Since 1999, the scientific community believed that high levels of this protein was the key to longer and healthier living. The promise of an anti-ageing protein transformed the pharmaceutical world and its multi-million dollar industry. Pharma giant GlaxoSmithKline even acquired the company that first suggested that the protein had anti-ageing properties for the sum of 720 million dollars.

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