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Bargain clothing for Klout

Bargain clothing for Klout

The fashion brand Volga Verdi offers discounts to customers that help them spread the word through social media. Based on their social influence (the number of friends or followers), customers receive discounts when they post about the brand on their own networks.

Why it matters

This is yet another example of how a brand can use social media for advertising purposes. Instead of spending money on traditional media, they exploit the fact that friends are far more influential when it comes to purchase decisions. What other ways can we use social media to influence trends and/or consumers?

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‘Patrizia Pepe – Milan’ has transformed its store into an advertising set where people can hide their faces in front of a professional photographer, just like in the real advertising campaign. The advertising always features its clothes with objects cleverly obscuring the identity of the wearer.

Fashion & Design
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The ‘do it yourself’ trend has taken off and now goes beyond the traditional realms of home décor & improvements. One unique consumer group leading the DIY charge are brides-to-be. New sites like www.diybride.com & www.mydiyweddingday.com offer brides tutorial for creating invites, favours, décor & jewellery themselves. The blog’s author has even published a book titled The Crafty Countdown. 

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