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Banks get the personal touch

Banks get the personal touch

Banco Sabadell employees have a new way to propose improvements to their bosses. “BS Idea” is a social media platform where employees can submit improvement proposals and new commercial initiatives . Any department of the bank can generate these ideas. With this new platform, users have freedom to register new ideas and classify them in some of the 17 different categories the bank has created. There is a voting system to show the most popular ideas which the bank can then choose from to implement.

Why it matters

These kinds of initiatives have dual benefits including, improving financial institutions efficiency and at the same time empowering employees. Can marketers work with this kind of initiative, taking it to consumers to detract from the idea of faceless corporations and bring to life the people behind their bank?

Financial Services
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The face behind the finance

Austrian Direct banking specialist Bankdirekt.at have recently started publishing a journalist’s video blog about Wall Street employees. The episodes show how the ups and downs of the economic crisis have affected both stockbrokers and the wider general public.

Financial Services
No interest in finance?

According to the Sharia (Islamic law), interest-based financial affairs and speculations are generally not allowed for Muslims. In Germany, home to approximately 4.3 million Muslims, Istanbul-based banking house KuveytTürk will now offer a range of 'halal' (approved by the Sharia) finance products.

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Financial Services