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The bank that’s investing in youth

The bank that’s investing in youth

Intesa Sanpaolo bank created a bank account called Superflash that caters to young adults. They have even opened their first flagship store in Milan dedicated to this audience; the opening hours are form 1.30 to 7pm, it features a relax and play areas, WiFi and even a Formula 1 simulator.

Why it matters

Banks and young people seem to speak two different languages. Superflash is a brand within a brand that speaks the language of this specific audience, with a set of values that differ from those of its family brand Banca Intesa. To really connect with a hard-to-reach audience, do banks need to not only ‘talk the talk’, but also ‘walk the walk’?

Financial Services
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Gen-Y designs its own bank branch

To understand the growing Gen Y segment, DBS bank in Singapore decided to ask them what they wanted from their banking experience by creating the ‘I designed a bank’ competition. The winning designs included cutting-edge 24-hr banking services and a dynamic space that transforms from a day banking lounge into a youth hangout at night. DBS will be incorporating elements from the various design submissions into a special youth branch, set to open in 2011. 

Financial Services
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Virtual payment card

An internet bank client can create a virtual payment card by himself and use it immediately. As it has no tangible medium it can be used to pay on the internet. It has different requisites from the main card so it is safe to use. The client can set the limits for this card or block it at any moment.

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