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Bake this cookbook

Bake this cookbook

German firm Korefe designed  “The Real Cookbook”, the first cookbook you can read, bake, and eat. The cover and pages are made out of sheets of pasta with words on them that can be read, opened, filled with ingredients, cooked and then eaten.

Why it matters

Books are extending beyond their primary use of delivering information, and are becoming a means to an end. “The Real Cookbook” pushes the boundaries even further by making the book part of the meal.  Cookbooks are a tool to teach us how to eat, and now they can become what we eat.  We are seeing a movement towards getting the most utility out of anything we use, but is it actually useful?  How can a novelty be repositioned as a necessity?

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Food & Drink
Food for thought

‘Food Design Probes’ is a research project by Philips. They have developed ideas based on predictions of how we will eat and source our food in 15 to 20 years. And in that vision, they created three concept products: the Nutrition Monitor, the Food Printer and the Biosphere Home Farm.

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