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Bags with a message for designers

Bags with a message for designers

Anti-designer fashion bags.

Why it matters

We have seen the rise of disposable cheap fashion that competes with designer pieces bit now the trend seems to be getting more aggressive. With the recession still full in swing the fashion seems to be shifting towards individual statements such as the ‘Karl who?’ bag that takes a swipe at designer Karl Lagerfield. Could this anti-designer movement last beyond the recessionary times? 

Fashion & Design
United Arab Emirates
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Brands solve 'same dress' syndrome

The ultimate fashion taboo is attending an event to find someone else is wearing the same outfit. Brands such as Vakko and Harvey Nichols have recognised this need and have created a solution in their personal tracking system which tracks where pieces have been bought to eliminate two people buying for the same occasion. The store will open at what ever time and send a different dress to the event.

Fashion & Design
Clocking Facebook likes on the store rack

Fashion brand C&A launched the "Like Fashion” operation, that connects the stores with the brand’s Facebook page.  Every time a fan of the brand likes a clothing item online, the ‘like’ is recorded on the clothes hanger located at the point of sale in real-time.

Fashion & Design