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B2B blog

B2B blog

A famous Russian business advertising portal has opened Business Live Journal a series of B2B blogs. Official speakers will answer specific questions and announce new information about their company.

Why it matters

The first online space for public communication between different B2B segments. Should we be looking more at the way that businesses communicate with each other as the B2B market becomes more social?

Business Services
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Adapt or die

Two Spanish travel agents have recently joined forces in a bid to boost their offering in an increasingly recession-hit travel market. Carrefour Travels, a ‘traditional’ travel agency aims to take advantage of the online coverage that Logitravel offers,  while Logitravel aim to cross-sell its “Cruises and Coasts” products to selected Carrefour Travels clients.

Business Services
Playstation rewards program

Sony’s exclusive rewards program for the Playstation will allow members to advance through a three-tiered rewards system: Select, Pro and Legendary.  Members can accumulate points to “level up” by purchasing Playstation products, playing new games, downloading movies and completing surveys. The program is set to launch in the US during Q1 2011.

Business Services
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