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B2B blog

B2B blog

A famous Russian business advertising portal has opened Business Live Journal a series of B2B blogs. Official speakers will answer specific questions and announce new information about their company.

Why it matters

The first online space for public communication between different B2B segments. Should we be looking more at the way that businesses communicate with each other as the B2B market becomes more social?

Business Services
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Shift happens in parramatta

Who thought, that the first entirely digitalized city would be Australia’s small town Parramatta? Now companies are called to join in building the ‘Parra Connect’ project. The goal: building a fully digitally connected work, learning and living space with free WLAN everywhere, centralized intelligent electricity supply, e-government and e-learning services and many more digital gadgets that can make urban life easier and more effective.

Business Services
Competition to win a job

DECO’ is an initiative that facilitates the creation of mutually profitable contracts between up-and-coming designers and established companies. The project takes the form of a competition where the winning designer’s concepts are taken forward by the company in question, along with a contract for ongoing support and help with business planning.

Business Services