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Augmented reality at your hairdressers

Augmented reality at your hairdressers

A different hairdresser that uses technology in his beauty service.  You arrive and the experience begins. Instead of giving you the typical magazine, you go to a PC room where you select your hairstyle. A webcam then takes a picture of you and combines it with your selection so that you can see the possible results.

Why it matters

Beauty brands are beginning to introduce new technologies to their business. Will these technologies help brands stand out from their competitors or be perceived as gimmicks?

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Self-made soap

Mysoap.ru is an on-line store that sells the necessary ingredients for home-made soap. You can choose scents, colour, oils and what your soap will eventually look like. The store also provides workshops on soap cooking, video lessons and a “My first self-cooked soap” set.

Nail polish for hair?

London salon Daniel Hersheson has developed a shine product that lasts long after you next wash your hair. The clear serum has been designed to impart an ‘at-home’, salon-quality shine. Apply it after shampooing, leave on for five minutes, then rinse off before applying conditioner. 

The manufacturer equates the product to ‘the equivalent of applying a shiny top coat to the nails’, promising the results should last for up to five washes.

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