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architecture goes back to its roots

architecture goes back to its roots

‘Baubotanik’ is a botanical architecture office in Germany that creates buildings and objects such as pavilions or animal watching platforms. Baubotanik’s unusual approach is that they organically grow buildings by mending artificial components e.g. steel with living plants or trees.

Why it matters

This living architecture shows just how respectful we can be to the environment when building new structures. Will we see these techniques being used for larger projects, will the first living flagship store be just around the corner?

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Bus stops are to be transformed into works of art in a London-wide design project. Digital artist Alfie Dennen has designed a computer programme to create images for the tops of bus shelters after being inspired by attempts to beautify the roofs on his local route. Dennen says he wants to provide a canvas to allow Londoners and communities to tell their stories to thousands of passengers every day.

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