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Al fresco reading

Al fresco reading

Since June 2009 the citizens of Salbke (a ward of Magdeburg, in Eastern Germany) have had their own 24hour open-air library. Locals can borrow from over 10,000 books that have been privately donated from all over the country. It all started as a temporary project, but due to its success Salbke’s citizens now minister the project by themselves.

Why it matters

An architect’s office, the government's support, a local beer brewery and most importantly the citizens’ passionate commitment made this unorthodox project possible. Will more brands (like the brewery Hasseröder) have to participate in such local initiatives to create true social value of outdoor space and therefore brand value?

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Portuguese Mail (CTT) has just launched a fully automated self-service Mail Station in Lisbon. Clients can access almost every mail service such as picking up and sending mail, buy tickets (to concerts and other events), pay taxes and bills. You can even purchase stamps personalised with your own photo, if you wish.

Instant Gratification
Stores & Spaces
Mirror mirror on the street...

At Bloomingdale’s in New York City, passers-by can try sunglasses virtually right from the street. The store has set-up an LCD monitor in its shop window with an interactive display. Shoppers simply need to align their faces and eyes to circles on the screen to see what they would look like with certain pairs of eyewear.
If the shopper finds a pair of sunglasses they like, they simply click ‘print’ which sends a picture of themselves wearing the glasses to the  ‘Sunglass Style Bar’.  A salesperson will be waiting to help them try on - and hopefully sell - the real sunglasses.

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