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3D print goes mainstream

3D print goes mainstream

Virgina Tech University has launched the “DreamVendor”, an interactive 3D printing station. Users simply need to bring a SD-media card containing the data for the 3D print out to the self-serve shop.

Why it matters

3D printing has featured in the news considerably in the past year, but it’s often considered as a tool that DIY-geeks, scientists or designers would have access to. This will change dramatically with 3D print shops popping up soon. To which extent will retail and production merge? And how will brands deal with this legally - now that even any solid object can be copied?

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McDonald’s Sweden has just finished its Pick an’ Play operation. The concept was simple. It allowed passers-by with a Smartphone to challenge each other to a game of ‘Pong’ on a giant screen in Stockholm. An international brand choosing to make us famous (and a free dessert to the winner).

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Axe superhero

The brand Axe has enriched its branded content with an interactive comic. Fans of the brand can contribute to the stories by submitting their ideas, which are then used to develop the storyline. The contributors themselves are turned into comic characters, who are ‘tagged’ to their social media profile in the comic.

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