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3D advertising

3D advertising
“Imagination building” uses an innovative 3D projection technology. The live outdoor 3D projection event, was executed by Imagination on behalf of the Vienna Tourist Board in London to attract new holiday makers to the city.
Why it matters

Creating theatre and unique experiences in stores and spaces can be a powerful form of communication. With recent 3D technological advances, will we soon see 3D displays become a more frequent appearance on our high streets?

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Since June 2009 the citizens of Salbke (a ward of Magdeburg, in Eastern Germany) have had their own 24hour open-air library. Locals can borrow from over 10,000 books that have been privately donated from all over the country. It all started as a temporary project, but due to its success Salbke’s citizens now minister the project by themselves.

Stores & Spaces
Freshness guaranteed. 24-7.

A Girona farmer has installed a vending machine with pasteurized milk in Salt Market (Girona). His objective was to bring his product directly to the consumer without any intermediary participation.
The seller offers milk 24 hours a day at 1€/1litre (more or less the same price as a tetra brick pack  sold in supermarkets).

Stores & Spaces