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3D advertising

3D advertising
“Imagination building” uses an innovative 3D projection technology. The live outdoor 3D projection event, was executed by Imagination on behalf of the Vienna Tourist Board in London to attract new holiday makers to the city.
Why it matters

Creating theatre and unique experiences in stores and spaces can be a powerful form of communication. With recent 3D technological advances, will we soon see 3D displays become a more frequent appearance on our high streets?

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Sosh, Orange’s low-cost mobile offer, is  touring in a Routemaster bus around the four biggest French cities (Paris, Lille, Lyon, Marseille) from February 15th to March 10th .
Already known for its pop-up stores, the brand is going one step further by taking the show on the road and engaging customers with activities such as cupcake making, nail bars or knitting groups.

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Stores & Spaces
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In Spain, Auchan-owned Acampo hypermarkets are now selling biodegradable bags made with potato starch.  The bags are reusable, recyclable, biodegradable and compostable. The bags are sold at a price of 39 cents and have more capacity and resistance than the existing free bags.

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