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“Scream Tones” to locate lost phones

“Scream Tones” to locate lost phones

Lookout Mobile Security and T-Mobile are teaming up to bring people a unique security feature in mobile phones: custom scream tones. This new security feature pre-loaded on T-Mobile smartphones allows phone owners to remotely activate their device to emit a loud sound, or “scream tone” to help them find their missing mobile device, or scare off a potential thief.

Why it matters

Losing a cell phone is everyone’s worst nightmare, and makes us literally want to “scream”.  And since our phones are now an extension of who we are, maybe our phone is “screaming” to find us too? We already humanise our devices, to the point where some people rely on them as their sole form of communication with people.  At what point, however, are we making this personal link between people and devices go too far? 

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